Catalina on a Greenline 39
Three days at Catalina without running a generator? Yes, this is our new “Off Grid” yachting reality. The 39 Greenline Hybrid designers seem to have had Catalina style boating in […]
Greenline 40 Blasting across the Sea
BUYING THE RIGHT YACHT   In this multistep series, I plan to give you a guide to the steps involved in purchasing the right yacht for your family. This is […]
CBW Icon
Have you heard about the new CBP Roam app for your smart phone? The app allows traveler to submit their required information to Customs & Border Protection (CBP) to fulfill […]
flare gun cartridge
This has been around for a while but I just ran across it and thought of you guys. The following taken from the USCG Notices: 25MM Aerial Signal Launcher Converter […]
radar screen
I just took my Certified Professional Yacht Broker’s (CPYB)test. And passed. Whew. One thing I learned that I want to share with you is regarding Radar onboard your boat. Did […]
JR sitting on bow of boat
Did you know that I am licensed in both California and Florida? With my 30+ years of experience buying and selling boats from all over the world and throughout the […]